Coble statement on President Obama’s Syria speech

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Washington, Sep 10, 2013 | Ed McDonald (202-225-3065) | comments

          (Washington, D.C.)----After watching President Obama’s speech on possible military intervention in Syria, U.S. Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC) issued a statement from his office on Capitol Hill following the speech:

          “The President’s speech tonight reinforced what I have known for a longtime, that he is indeed a gifted orator, but at the same time, an inept leader.  If he was going to get involved in Syria, it should have been done weeks ago. This is a day late and a dollar short.

          “If he does continue to pursue an attack on Syria, it appears that every country will be on the sidelines except America.  We need some assistance from the Arab states, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others.  An attack on Syria could be detrimental to our allies in the region such as Israel, Jordan and maybe even Turkey. I think the President was off-base on this, the country is war weary, and I think he has mishandled it terribly.

          “For tonight, I am glad that he has backed off on his request to seek congressional approval of a military strike against Syria.  There was nothing I heard in the President’s speech tonight, however, that would change my vote against approving intervention in Syria.”            


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